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Om meg

Her kan du skrive litt om deg selv, som f.eks hva du heter, hvor du bor og hvilke interesser du har. Designet er laget av


Her kan du skrive litt kontktinformasjon. Som f.eks mail adressen din, twitteren din eller facebooken din.


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Designet er laget av Pia Bjrnsen. Flg bloggen p bloglovin.

Engelsk sitater

1. Oh sorry, did my back hurt your knife? :-)

2. If you didn't see it with your eyes, it shouldn't be coming out of you mouth.

3. Be yourself, because an orginal is worth more than a copy

4. I speak my mind, if that makes me a bitch, let it.

5. Fake is the new trend and everyone seems to be in style.

6. What if this time I dont say hi first, what if this time I dont text you back, What if this time I leave your wondering? Yeah, what if this time you're the one left feeling completely fucked over

7. I don't chase after anyone. If you wanna walk out of my life, then I'll hold the fucking door open for you

8. Shit happens, just look at your face

9. You start backstabbing me and going against your word thinking "oh, she'll never find out" guess what... I HEARD

10. I'd slap u in the face, but I don't want slut all over my hands

11. Before sex, you help eachother get naked, after sex you only dress yourself. Moral of the story: in life no one helps you once you're fucked.

12. She don't believe in shooting stars, but she believe in shoes and cars

13. Falling in love is like giving someone a gun, letting them point it at your heart and trusting they won't pull the trigger

14. Calling me a bitch? dude, i mastered bitchiology and YOU are our main subject!

15. Don't give a fuck. Don't forgive, don't forget, say "fuck you, you screwed up, better luck next time."

16. I don't blame you for being you, but you can't blame me for hating it


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